I recently visited Timabli Crafts and the women who make them. It was an experience I will never forget.
The talented and caring women have so little and give so much with a such a joyful spirit. They sew on non-electric hand-crank machines and produce not just beautiful fine wares with bold and gorgeous fabrics, but the small income they make, goes toward feeding children.
At Grandma Zook’s, my Shabby Chic Boutique has been turned into a shop for Timbali Crafts.

When you visit us at Grandma Zook’s Market, please take a moment to see the beautiful bags, placemats, table runners, wrap skirts, aprons, ornaments, dog collars, key chains, yoga bags, wristlets, hats, headbands and more.
These special items make thoughtful and lovely Christmas gifts. ALL proceeds go to Timbali Crafts.

Angie Frame

About Timbali Crafts

The women who create Timbali Crafts are all volunteer cooks at community based feeding centers, called Care Points*, throughout Swaziland, Africa. In this tiny nation with the highest HIV/AIDS rate, and one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the world, the needs are immense. In spite of their own hardships, the Timbali women help to feed more than 3000 children each day. They are incredible!

Timbali started in 2005 (a bit by accident!) to reach out to the physical and spiritual needs of these hard-working women. At the request of a local pastor, we started a Bible study with some of the women to encourage them in their volunteer work. It quickly became evident that something more needed to be done so that these ladies, who were serving their communities in such a vital way, could also provide for their own families.

So we started praying…and we made some really UGLY greeting cards (blessings to any of you that bought those!). We didn’t have any start-up money, but a friend heard what we were trying to do and gave us $150 to buy our first little batch of fabric. Eventually we started making handbags (which also had some issues at first!) that have evolved into the beautiful products we produce today. What we first thought would just provide a little income here and there for a few women, has become a major source of income and outreach to nearly 100 Swazi families!

Reaching Out
To Physical Needs

In a country where 2/3 of the population lives on less than a dollar a day, what the Timbali women earn per bag is equal to a full day’s wage for many jobs in Swaziland.

Timbali Crafts helps the women to purchase their own sewing machines through no interest loans with minimal monthly payments. The women are also given the opportunity to participate in a matching savings program, to help with school fees for their children and other big expenses such as home repairs.

Timbali reaches out in emergency situations with food baskets for families who have lost a loved one, or have a special need, and we also help to provide medical care when possible/needed.

Reaching Out
To Spiritual Needs

The Timbali women are able to take part in regular Bible studies, and also attend our annual retreat where they are spoiled, laugh a lot, eat a lot, sing a lot, dance a lot, and have the love of Christ poured out on them! It is the highlight of our year!

Timbali means ‘flowers’ in the Swazi language, Siswatti. It’s also the word used to translate ‘lilies’ in Matthew chapter 6, where Jesus talks about how as his children, we don’t have to worry, because He knows our needs and He can meet those needs better than we ever could ourselves.

That is the heart behind Timbali Crafts: that we would see the Lord’s provision. Not just for the needs that are obvious (and extremely important!) like food, shelter, and education; but also for the deeper needs of the heart like love, acceptance, forgiveness, self-worth, joy, hope…all these things and more that are so perfectly found in Jesus Christ!

Thank you for supporting Timbali Crafts. We couldn’t be more thankful or amazed at what the Lord has done!

Be blessed and start shopping!

Julie Anderson